New York: Don't use your Galaxy Note 7 on the subway

The MTA is asking commuters to leave their pre-recall Samsung phones turned off.

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New York: Don't use your Galaxy Note 7 on the subway

Samsung just can't catch a break. On top of aviation regulators and safety officials warning against using pre-recall versions of the Galaxy Note 7, New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority now says that Note 7 owners are "urged" against using or charging their phone on buses and trains. You should turn it off before entering the station, the MTA says. This isn't a formal ban, but it's safe to say that you'll be a persona non grata if the Authority catches you using the fire-prone handset on the subway.

There haven't been any reported fires on MTA rides. This is really more of a precautionary measure than anything. However, it illustrates the increasing fear surrounding the Note 7. Despite the relatively low number of fires, institutions don't want to take any chances -- they'd rather issue blanket warnings (or in some cases, bans) than risk an incident on their home turf.

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