'Yakuza 6' adds the thrill of running your own cat cafe

Play baseball, soothe a crying baby, Beat Takeshi.

As Sega attempts to tie up the long-running (typically late-to-translation) Yakuza series, its producer has revealed that the sixth iteration will have plenty of ridiculous mini-games and side jobs, offering some mundane distractions from the boot-to-face Japanese gangster brawls that typically make up a large part of the games. While calming a weepy baby is certainly dull IRL, if you're a speedy enough typer (through your DualShock controller) you'll be able to charm webcam girls online -- for those days when the protagonist can't quite make it to his regular hostess club. And that's just for starters.

Yazuka series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi went in-depth at TGS 2016 to outline some of the more obscure timesinks that will arrive with the latest game. These include, but aren't limited to:

  • Busking.

  • Finding stray cats.

  • Using said strays to run your own cat cafe.

  • Typing online with web-cam girls. Oh boy.

  • Soothing a crying baby. (That. Might. Be. His. Son!)

  • A baseball simulator.

  • In-game playable two-player (!) versions of Virtua Fighter 5 and Puyo Puyo.

  • Making friends with other hostess bar patrons. Oh boy.

  • Darts.

  • Batting cage practice.

  • Mah Jong.

  • Diving for fish.

  • Eating fish (probably)

Naturally, there will still be plenty of thugs to punch, people to swear at, and all that delightful melodrama you'd come to expect from a Yakuza game. Iteration six is scheduled for release in Japan later this year.