Watch how 'Star Wars: Battlefront' portrays the Death Star

The add-on arrives September 20th.

Ever wanted to blow up the Death Star in Star Wars: Battlefront? If the answer is a resounding "yes," you're in luck. EA has revealed that its Death Star paid DLC will arrive on September 20th, and has released a gameplay trailer to match. Suffice it to say that this will rekindle plenty of memories from the original Star Wars movie -- including things you might have wished for, such as a fight with a Star Destroyer and an on-foot assault against the Death Star.

The extra content has three core sections: space battles, the firefight inside the Death Star, and a trench run that has you shooting torpedoes down the Death Star's exhaust pipe. The DLC will also have new playable heroes (Chewbacca and the bounty hunter Bossk) as well as new weapons, Star Cards, a new game mode, and five additional maps.

This third major expansion further tackles one of Battlefront's biggest early gripes: the relative lack of variety. Previous DLC added new maps and characters, but the core experience was ultimately the same. You can argue that Battlefront should have had a lot of this on day one, but it's good to see the additional depth all the same.