MakerBot's Replicator Mini+ is designed for classrooms

The company's newest 3D printer is much quieter than its predecessor.

More and more classrooms today are getting into 3D printing, and MakerBot wants to be there for them. Today the company announced that it's taken its Replicator Mini printer, which was a surprising hit in schools, and made it faster and quieter than before. The new Replicator Mini+ is available for $999 starting today, and promises to be 10 percent faster and a whopping 58 percent quieter than before.

MakerBot's own reps acknowledged during its launch event today that the prior Mini was pretty loud, so the noise reduction should be welcome by teachers who no longer have to scream over whirring printers to be heard.

In addition, the company added a new Education vertical to its free Thingiverse ecosystem, which now lets teachers find lesson plans and models to work on in class. You'll also be able to use the MakerBot Print software and mobile app. The latter has also been revamped, and now offers an easier guide to setting up your first run out of the box.

The Mini+'s current $999 price is only for an introductory period that ends October 31st, so you should probably pick one up soon if you're already considering it. If you need more information before deciding, though, stay tuned for our hands-on impressions.