A 'Fruit Ninja' movie might really happen

New Line has scored the film rights to the mobile gaming hit.

AP Photo/Julie Jacobson

Now that the Angry Birds movie has proven to be a financial success, other studios want in on the mobile-games-as-movies trend. New Line Cinema has secured the rights to a Fruit Ninja movie already in development by game creator Halfbrick Studios and producer Tripp Vinson (of San Andreas and Journey to the Center of the Earth). Not surprisingly, this will involve a lot more than watching an off-screen assassin cut produce into pieces -- the project is currently envisioned as a live-action comedy that sees a ragtag group becoming Fruit Ninjas to, naturally, save the world.

We wouldn't count on the as-yet undated movie being a critical smash. On top of Vinson's notable-but-not-exceptional pedigree, the writing team is best known for penning an Emmy Awards show and the TV series Anchorwoman. However, it's doubtful that New Line is expecting something Oscar-worthy in the first place. This is really about capitalizing on one of the most popular mobile games in history before a rival studio gets a chance. At this rate, we're half-expecting a Crossy Road flick to materialize any day now.