Hive takes on Hue with colour-changing light bulbs

Prices start from £29.
Matt Brian
M. Brian|09.27.16

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In its bid to kit out Britain's homes with tech-centric appliances, British Gas' Hive has launched a wide range of internet-ready products. There's the all-important smart thermostat, plugs, home sensors and, more recently, Hive Active Lights. These smart bulbs can be controlled via the Hive app and interact directly with the Hive Hub, but customers have only been able to buy the standard dimmable white light. That changes today, after the company added two new bulbs to its Active Light line-up, putting Philips' Hue in its sights.

The two new additions are the Active Light Cool to Warm White and the Active Light Colour Changing Bulb, which will fit both the B22 and E27 light sockets you might have in your home. The Cool to Warm White bulb is tuneable from "warm white" 2700K to "daylight cool" 6500K colour temperatures, is energy efficient and typically lasts up to 25,000 hours.

The Active Light Colour Changing Bulb has roughly the same specifications as the Cool to Warm but supports a full spectrum of colours through a wide 240-degree beam angle that Hive says reduces shadowing. The White bulb starts at £29 but can be bought as part of a Starter Pack (which offers three bulbs and a controller) for £89 or as a five pack costing £119. The colour changing bulb starts at £44, rising to £159 for the three pack plus controller, and £179 for a pack of five.

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