Watch the trailer for Netflix's spoof of YouTube stardom

'Haters Back Off' documents Miranda Sings' fictional rise to fame.

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Watch the trailer for Netflix's spoof of YouTube stardom

You're about to find out how Netflix tackles the rapid rise of YouTube stars. The streaming giant has posted the first trailer for Haters Back Off, its send-up of internet video success. As mentioned when Netflix bought the show, Haters follows well-known YouTube personality Miranda Sings (Colleen Ballinger-Evans in real life) as she embarks on her fictional bid for fame. It's about as ridiculous as you'd expect. There's a slew of awkward YouTube clips, drama over trivial comments and, of course, an explanation as to why Miranda wears that over-the-top lipstick.

All eight episodes for the first season will be available on October 14th. Whether or not it gets a second is up in the air. This is really a litmus test for a YouTube celebrity's ability to translate success to other video formats -- it's the first time that a YouTuber has had a scripted streaming series on another service. Miranda Sings stands a better chance than many of her rivals with nearly 7 million subscribers, but there's no guarantee that the same people who watch her vlogs are ready for a TV-length comedy.

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