Netflix signs a YouTube 'star' for a scripted series

Miranda Sings has an eight episode deal with the streaming service.

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Netflix signs a YouTube 'star' for a scripted series

Like it or not, there's no escaping YouTube stars moving from Google's video wing and onto other sources. Miranda Sings, fresh off her spot from last season's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, now has a deal with Netflix for a show dubbed Haters Back Off. As Variety writes, this is the first scripted streaming series for a YouTuber -- others have gotten unscripted deals and talk shows -- and has been approved for eight episodes. The lipstick wearing, disinterested-in-everything persona created by Colleen Ballinger-Evans made her announcement via a YouTube video (naturally), and producers and writers from Friends are taking care of those duties on Haters.

As a brief refresher course, Miranda has 5,784,114 subscribers on YouTube, and Variety notes that she's averaging 1.5 million views per video, while her homepage video is sitting at over 17 million views. Oh, and her version of Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" has over 41 million. I'd hope that Haters is along the lines of, say, Master of None, but having seen some of Sings' on-camera work I'm not sure that'll be the case here.

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