UK retailer leaks Google's Pixel phones in detail

Unlimited full-size photo storage, rapid charging, generic design.

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UK retailer leaks Google's Pixel phones in detail
Here are Google's Pixel phones. Again! In some unfortunate error, UK phone seller Carphone Warehouse has full listings for two phones, cementing what we've already heard or seen, as well as demonstrating how Google hopes to pitch the two devices to smartphone shoppers.

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The company is showcasing its latest software chops in these promo images as well, particularly notable bits added to Android in recent years. This includes its new Assistant AI Allo, Google Photos (free unlimited storage at full-size!), its Facetime Duo videochat app, and other bells and whistles, like customizable phone covers and rapid charging through its USB-C port.

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There's a whole pile of specs attached to the listing. However, as Android Police also notes, the mention of microSD storage is a wee bit suspicious. The rest of the details (5-inch screen on the Pixel; a 5.5-inch one on the Pixel XL) all match what we've already heard. Unfortunately they don't appear to be all that remarkable design wise. I miss the sparkly Nexus 4.

What about that matte backing? See how it doesn't reflect the companion phone in the image above? What's that about? Could that be a secondary touchscreen? It would tally with the tagline "The power of Google at your fingertips." It might also make a huge amount of sense for steering bigger phones. Or perhaps I'm looking for something thrilling when the rest of the device seems so by-the-book. Surely -- surely -- Google has a few more tricks to pull out of its hat ahead of its big showcase. It has 24 hours to reveal something.

Update: Unsurprisingly, it seems that Carphone Warehouse has taken down the listing for now.

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