Google's likely Pixel phone event is happening October 4th

Google's phones have always sold better than their laptops.

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Google's likely Pixel phone event is happening October 4th
Hot on the heels of rumors and whispers aplenty, Google is sending out invites to an October 4th event that's expected to reveal, in full, new flagship Android phones, likely tagged with its Pixel branding. We're sure the company has more than a new phone or two. Unfortunately those aforementioned rumors also suggest they may not be as handily priced as their Nexus forefathers. (Maybe if you can hack a Nexus, you can buy us all one.) We'll be there to tell you all the important stuff next month. That said, the teaser video (below) doesn't show us much of anything. Maybe it's a new vertical search box? Be still, my beating heart.

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You might also get a 4K-capable Chromecast and a new Daydream VR headset, finally. The phones are expected to land as a duo: one five-incher and another with a 5.5-inch screen. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said earlier this year that design will be more "opinionated" on its next smartphone series -- but that could mean, well, anything. When we hear more, so will you. The event is set to start 9am PT, October 4th.

Even if you didn't get an invite, Google has set up a page to request more information on "devices from Google and all the things you can do with them," so hit the link and drop in your email address to get things started.

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