Trump campaign snaps up

Jeb Bush is familiar with this strategy.

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Reuters/Mike Segar
Reuters/Mike Segar

The next step of the 2016 Presidential election? Apparently, domain squatting. Wired reports that after Hillary Clinton's campaign declined to buy a domain consisting of her last name combined with that of her running mate, the owner sold it to her opponent. As noticed earlier today by a reporter for Politico, hosts a Drudge Report-styled collection of negative headlines about its namesakes (and absolutely no bad news about its owner), with a small tag at the bottom indicating who owns the website.

The former owner snapped up the domain back in 2011 for $7.30, and USA Today reports he sold it for $15,000 after Clinton's campaign offered $2,000. Of course, the strategy is not making its first appearance in this year's race, as Donald Trump's campaign previously obtained as a redirect to its official website. Unless it's due to media coverage, it's hard to see who will run across a website that the previous owner said was getting 50 hits a day, but we suppose you have to do what you can for SEO.

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