Xbox exclusive 'ReCore' gets a 30-minute demo

Buy the full game and your progress will carry over.

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Xbox exclusive 'ReCore' gets a 30-minute demo

When ReCore was first announced, it looked fresh and exciting. An agile explorer flanked by cute, adorable robots in a sprawling desert. Oh, and Mega Man legend Keiji Inafune was attached to the project. The concept was intriguing, at the very least. But then the game came out, and its $40 price-tag made sense; in short, it just wasn't very good. To help with ReCore's less-than-stellar reception, Microsoft has announced a 30-minute trial version for Xbox One and Windows 10. There's no fee, or expectation to buy, but if you do pick up the full game your progress will carry over.

To tempt new players, the ReCore team has pushed out a "significant update" to the game. Load times have been reduced, and both the music and visuals have been tweaked. On a technical level, you should also see "improvements" to the waypoint system, as well as better checkpoints, respawns and collisions. These changes, while welcome, will do little to save the game's underlying faults. But maybe, just maybe, they can help people to look past those rough patches, and appreciate ReCore's redeeming qualities -- namely decent exploration and fun puzzle solving.

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