Facebook Video now plays nice with Chromecast and Apple TV

Put your News Feed on the big screen.

If you've been dying to get Chewbacca Mom on your television, the latest update to Facebook's video product is directed at you. Starting today, you can now send Facebook videos to your nearby Apple TV or Google Chromecast from any web browser or iOS device.

Facebook says the feature will soon be live for Android users as well, although it will only be able to connect with a Chromecast or other Google Cast-enabled devices. As with other services that play nice with Apple TV (or AirPlay) and Google Cast, the instructions are pretty straightforward: users with a compatible setup will see a TV symbol in the top right corner of Facebook videos. Tap it and you can select which device to stream your video to. The video will even continue playing as you to go back to mindlessly thumbing through your News Feed on your phone. And if you happen to be watching a Facebook Live broadcast, the comments and reactions will be displayed on your TV as well -- which will come in handy when you're streaming the next presidential debate.