Dish helps you follow out-of-town NBA teams

Team Pass is available as a pay-TV extra for the first time.

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AP Photo / Mark Lennihan
AP Photo / Mark Lennihan

It's tough being a San Antonio Spurs fan living in New York City, since I can only watch games shown on national TV. With NBA Team Pass, though, that's not a problem. And starting today, Dish is making it available to its subscribers for $119 per season, becoming the first pay-TV provider to do so. Up until now, Team Pass was only available as an online streaming service, but you should note that out-of-market blackout restrictions still apply with Dish's offering.

Once you pick your favorite team, out of the 30 in the league, you can watch live and on-demand regular season games directly from your satellite box. To make this more appealing, Dish is giving customers the ability to split the total payment into four installments of $29.75. But, if you want to see how it works first, the company says there is a free preview of the add-on until November 1st.

Now, in case one team isn't enough, you do have the NBA's full-fledged League Pass, which gives you access to content from the whole league for $200 per season. Don't forget that includes weekly livestreams of games in virtual reality.

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