What happened at Microsoft's Surface event

It's all about the Surface Studio.
Nathan Ingraham
N. Ingraham|10.26.16

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Microsoft spent more than two hours on stage today introducing new products and software updates, but it all really comes down to one thing: the Surface Studio. It's one of the most impressive pieces of hardware Microsoft has ever developed and a truly unique take on the all-in-one computer. If you've become addicted to using a digital pen on devices like Microsoft's own Surface Pro or the iPad Pro but have craved a larger canvas, look no further. Of course, this doesn't come cheap -- the powerful and impeccably designed machine will set you back at least $2,999.

Beyond the Surface Studio, Microsoft also rolled out a new high-end Surface Book convertible laptop and announced that the Windows 10 "Creators Update," which includes plenty of 3D-focused features, will roll out in the spring. Oh, and who can forget that crazy new Surface Dial? Let us catch you up with everything Microsoft rolled out today, won't you?

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What happened at Microsoft's Surface event