Giphy is giving orphaned Vines a new home

You'll soon be able migrate those, beautiful looping memories.

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Andrew Tarantola
October 29th, 2016
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Giphy is giving orphaned Vines a new home

Yesterday, Twitter announced that it will effectively kill off the struggling short-form video platform Vine in the coming months. The news did not go over very well with the service's fanbase, many many of whom took to Twitter to express their outrage. Today, Giphy offered disgruntled Vine users a lifeline: the ability to transfer their existing video content to the animated image site.

The website will not be shut down, as Twitter's earlier announcement specified, but instead will act as a digital archive for the videos. Giphy is offering its importation tool as an alternative means of saving that content. Giphy, however, has not specified when the tool will be released, only stating that "it'll be launching very soon".

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