Tag Heuer made a more expensive, $9,900 smartwatch

... for those who felt a $1,500 wearable was a bargain.


What do you do when you've got an empty wrist and almost $10,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Buy a rose gold smartwatch from Tag Heuer. To match your phone, private jet, toothbrush and crippling sense of loneliness brought upon by spending too much money on not-pink gadgets, of course. This Tag Heuer Connected isn't available online, so that means you'll have to trudge down to a jewelry store to get your mitts on one. And it might be your only shot at a luxury smartwatch now that Apple's stepped out of the game.

The funniest thing? It doesn't look like anything is changing here versus the model we reviewed back in January. More than that? The gold doesn't go beyond the case. Fools, money, etc.. But hey, at least those hole in your pocket and bare wrist problems are solved.