Cabbage Patch dolls with unsettling LCD eyes are now available

They come with an app that acts as a baby monitor simulator.

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Cabbage Patch dolls with unsettling LCD eyes are now available
Those modern Cabbage Patch dolls with amusing/disturbing LCD eyes introduced earlier this year are now available in the US. While they unfortunately didn't come out in time to complete your Chucky family Halloween costume, they still have the same unsettling animated peepers that blink and look around. They still "sleep" and have sensors that can detect tickles. The dolls can also "feed" from a bottle and need diaper changes -- so they're basically dolls with the needs of a baby that could freak you out in the middle of the night.

These "Baby So Real" Cabbage Patch Kids dolls were designed by Wicked Cool Toys, the same company that gave Teddy Ruxpin a similar animated eyes makeover. They come paired with a downloadable app that acts as a by monitor simulator and are available for $100 each at various retailers nationwide. A spokesperson told us they will more than likely be available outside the country by next year, as well. You can see those animated eyes in action in the video below if you want to know first what you're getting into:

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