Erik Sagen
Erik Sagen

The Engadget Podcast Ep 13: A Chicken with its Head Cut Off

A rather NSFW talk about sex and dating in the app age.

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Editor in chief Michael Gorman and executive editor Christopher Trout are in town this week and stop by to talk Peter Thiel, Vine and online voting with host Terrence O'Brien and reviews editor Cherlynn Low. Then, after they've had their fill of beating up on Thiel, the four will explore how dating and sex have changed in the age of apps. Warning, things get a little NSFW.

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Christopher Trout 5 1 .833
Mona Lalwani 3 1 .750
Dana Wollman 10 6 .625
Devindra Hardawar 10 9 .526
Chris Velazco 3 3 .500
Cherlynn Low 6 7 .461
Nathan Ingraham 4 6 .400
Michael Gorman 1 5 .167

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