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How about a drone to help you catch fish?

AguaDrone is fully waterproof, can land on water and uses sonar to pinpoint your target.

If you're looking to improve the quality of your catch, or just terrorize the local fish, you should check out AguaDrone. As the name implies, it's a drone that's been specifically designed to operate on water for those fishy and outdoorsy types in your friend circle. As well as being fully waterproof, the device can land on and take off from bodies of both fresh and salt water. But AguaDrone's real strength is that it can carries a series of swappable pods that'll enable you to hunt down, film and catch those prized fish who aren't so easy to find.

The most useful of the pods is a sonar fish finder that'll send images of the local area to your smartphone or tablet over WiFi. The sensor pod is also capable of identifying the water's depth and temperature, which it can identify of depths of up to 140 feet. There's also a line casting pod that'll carry your bait out -- so long as it weighs under two pounds -- as far as you can go. Finally, there's a waterproof camera that'll let you shoot video from under the surface for some pretty exciting home videos.

If there's a downside to all of this, it's that fully waterproof drones with sonar sensors and cameras don't come cheap. AguaDrone is asking for your patronage on Kickstarter, with the "fisherman's kit" setting you back $1,199 with delivery estimated for February 2017. Early birds more interested in the waterproof drone itself can pick up a bare-bones package with just a battery and remote for $699. Should, of course, enough people chip in to enable the firm to reach its $69,000 goal.