Domino's starts delivering pizza by drone, but only in New Zealand

Finally, a way to buy pizza without talking to another human.

If you measure the future in terms how pizza is delivered, the future is now: Domino's now delivers via autonomous drone. Today, the pizza chain officially launched its drone delivery service in New Zealand. The pizzaria chain has been working with Flirtey on the program for awhile now, but has only just started offering it to a select group of customers.

"Drones offer the promise of safer, faster deliveries to an expanded delivery area," Domino's group CEO Don Meiji says. "Meaning more customers can expect to receive a freshly-made order within our ultimate target of 10 minutes." Drone deliveries are being integrated into the company's online ordering system, and the company says it hopes to expand the drone deliveries to a wider area soon.

The company didn't announce any plans to bring drone delivery to the United States, but Flirtey is working on it. Earlier this year, the company performed its first FAA-sanctioned delivery in Nevada, carrying emergency food, water and a first-aid kit to an empty house. That's promising, but it will probably be awhile before you can order-in by air -- US Drone standards are pretty strict.