'No Man's Sky' will get base building in its first major update

It's called the 'Foundation Update,' in part because it's the first in a series of updates to come.

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Dana Wollman
November 25th, 2016
'No Man's Sky' will get base building in its first major update

There's some good news for No Man's Sky fans this Black Friday: The game is soon to get its first major update, according to a post from the developer, Hello Games. The bad news: Hello Games won't reveal much about the patch, except to say that it's called the "Foundation Update" and it will bring -- wait for it -- the foundations of base building. If that name wasn't punny enough for you, the studio adds that the Foundation Update is also "putting in place a foundation for things to come."

And that's all we know. Hello Games says the update will arrive "soon," but didn't otherwise specify a time frame. The developer also says it will follow up with detailed patch notes at a later date.

To say this is the first update for No Man's Sky wouldn't technically be true. Since launching on the PlayStation 4 and PC back in August, the game has seen a sizable day-one patch and patches to fix a slew of bugs. Adding to these woes, Hello Games has been accused of false advertising, after screenshots in the Steam store seemed to promise a different game altogether -- one centered on open-ended space exploration instead of resource gathering.

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