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Massive 'No Man's Sky' day one patch is live a day early

The update is 824MB, almost a quarter of the game's size.
Massive 'No Man's Sky' day one patch is live a day early
Alex Gilyadov
Alex Gilyadov|@RParampampam|August 8, 2016 3:40 PM
No Man's Sky's substantial first-day patch is available now for the PlayStation 4, a day earlier than the game's August 9th release date. The patch's file size is 824MB, which isn't too large considering the number of fundamental changes it makes to how the game plays, but it is roughly a quarter of the game's size, which is 3.69GB.

No Man's Sky's patch brings three story paths to follow in the game -- one of which has been completely rewritten -- allowing you to make choices early on that will determine what you see later. The update brings a deeper trading system, new combat mechanics -- like the slightly revamped hit systems in space fights -- and expansions to your personal and space vessel inventories.

This patch, which includes a few more changes, is the "first of many" free updates to the space exploration title. Future upgrades will let you build bases and own "giant space freighters." No Man's Sky is seen (by developer Hello Games) as a constantly evolving project. You'll most likely play a different game when you hop back in a few months later.
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Massive 'No Man's Sky' day one patch is live a day early