First 'Titanfall 2' DLC includes a no-nonsense skins store

Angel City's Most Wanted arrives on November 30th.

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First 'Titanfall 2' DLC includes a no-nonsense skins store

Respawn made it a point with Titanfall 2 to ditch some of the more annoying business models of modern games (such as charging for important add-ons), and you're about to find out how well that works in practice. The studio has revealed that its first downloadable content pack, Angel City's Most Wanted, will arrive on November 30th... and this is not the usual case of charging a small fortune for a handful of extra gameplay. The extension not only gives you a 'new' map (surprise: the original game's Angel City), a new pistol and several titan kits completely free of charge, but introduces an in-game skins store that is the opposite of what you frequently see in other blockbuster titles.

As Respawn notes, the store simply involves buying what you like with cold, card cash, and it's strictly cosmetic items like Prime Titans (robots with different looks and assassinations) and camouflage. There are no arbitrary in-game currencies or loot boxes, and nothing you buy is a shortcut to victory. To put it another way: you shouldn't have to grind for days just to get something for free.

The company is also promising a few treats in what's left of 2016. In keeping with the young company's traditions, you'll see "twists" periodically show up in certain game modes. There will also be double-experience weekends and public recognition for top teams. You'll have to wait until 2017 for more DLC, but this and Angel City at least show that Respawn is determined to avoid the drop in players that affected the first Titanfall (where paid DLC was the rule). This promises to be a constantly evolving game, and you won't have to keep shelling out money to get the full experience.

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