UberPool coverage area doubles in London

The ridesharing option has expanded to cover all of zone 3.

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Jamie Rigg
December 2nd, 2016
UberPool coverage area doubles in London

Previously only available in more central parts of London, Uber's ridesharing option has been expanded to cover the entirety of zone 3 today. The catchment area for UberPool, which was first offered in London a year ago almost to the day, has effectively doubled as a result of the expansion. With UberPool, passengers can save 25 percent on the cost of an UberX ride, with the catch being they might have to share their trip with a stranger.

That's if, en route, your driver spots someone wanting to go the same way; or, of course, you may find yourself getting into an already-occupied car. Still, now you can get from Wood Green to Wimbledon for that bit cheaper, though you may have to walk to one of Uber's "smart pickup points" instead of being collected roadside. Introduced a couple of months ago, Uber asks that during certain times of the day, ridesharers walk to convenient pickup locations so everyone can get to their final destinations as soon as possible.

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