UberPool riders in London might have to do some walking

Get those boots ready.

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Uber has performed a number of experiments in the UK, and its latest slightly rewrites how fares for UberPool work in London. Whereas before a driver might take a roundabout way to get to your on-demand bus stop, now there will be more direct routes.

Rides requested between 6am and 9pm will have passengers directed to a "smart pickup point" where, if the app's estimates are correct, you'll arrive the same time as your driver. The idea is to shorten time spent in the cars by avoiding detours and traffic jams. The downside is you might have to hoof it a bit to reach both your pickup point and final destination.

We reached out to the company and asked what made this so different from the pre-existing "smart routes" and were told that the routes were just a test last year, whereas these are explicitly "smart pickup points."

Fancy giving it a try? The service is offering a discount on UberPool fares, and the discount code is at the source link below.

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