The 11 best tech gifts for workaholics

Our favorite laptop, and other essentials for staying productive.

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We're not saying you want to enable them (OK, maybe we are), but you definitely know someone who works too much. They chip away at their to-do lists on weekends. They are probably even going to slip away at some point during the holidays to check work email. If that's the lifestyle they've chosen, embrace it by picking gifts that can either live at their desk, or come with them while they're trying to get work done on the road. Our list includes everything from a comfy desk chair to a wireless charging desk lamp to our favorite laptop and desktop keyboard. You might not be able to persuade them to change their rigid habits, but at least you can make them more comfortable while they toil away.

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  • Paperwhite and NYT subscription
  • 10-port 60W USB 3 Hub
  • iPad Pro 9.7
  • 22,000mAh 3-port power bank
  • XPS 13
  • Varv table lamp base and Lakheden shade
  • MARKUS office chair
  • Livescribe 3 Black Edition
  • Sculpt ergonomic keyboard
  • OTG Jacket
  • Food delivery subscription
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