Tesla is working on a fix for jerks parking at Superchargers

But what it is is anyone's guess at this point.

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Sam Mircovich / Reuters
Sam Mircovich / Reuters

What's a Tesla owner to do when they roll up to a Supercharger station and every terminal is occupied by a fully-charged car? That's a question CEO Elon Musk needs to find an answer to. He recently acknowledged the issue on Twitter and said that the company "will take action," as spotted by Autoblog. What that will look like isn't clear at the moment.

Tesla has already announced that starting January 1st, customers won't get free unlimited charging with a new vehicle purchase -- a decision that's also helping the forthcoming Model 3 hit a lower price point. It might also keep charging stations from getting even more crowded. If Musk can figure out a way to get reusable rockets to Mars, coming up with a way to stop jerks from treating charging stations like parking meters should be comparatively easy.
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