Apple will pay out $2 million to California retail employees

Former Apple Store workers claimed they were denied proper breaks and timely paychecks.

REUTERS/Noah Berger

A long-running class action lawsuit between Apple and employees of its retail stores in California came to a quick conclusion today. The lawsuit was originally filed in 2011 by four former employees but expanded in 2014 to include around 20,000 Apple retail employees in California. The suit alleged that Apple failed to give employees adequate breaks, failed to pay wages in a timely manner after employees left the company and failed to provide accurate wage statements. The case finally went to court in San Diego back in October, and as Apple Insider reports today a jury has now ordered Apple to pay out $2 million in restitution.

The settlement works out to about $95 per employee included in the class, and $2 million is a tiny fraction of the $42.4 billion Apple pulled in during Q3 alone. For its part, Apple claimed it has offered adequate breaks in accordance with California Labor Code for years before the lawsuit was filed. The company has not yet commented on today's settlement, but the employees who were denied breaks while helping customers pick out new iPhones and iPhones will see their cash as soon as the lawyers get their cut.