Watch Faraday Future's prototype race Bentley, Ferrari and Tesla

If you believe the hype, it's quicker than its rivals.

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Watch Faraday Future's prototype race Bentley, Ferrari and Tesla

Faraday Future is going more than a little overboard with promo pieces for its production electric car ahead of its January unveiling, but its latest clip at least has some substance. The fledgling automaker has posted a video showing its prototype EV drag racing against some hot competition: Tesla's Model X P100D (the obligatory electric rival), Bentley's Bentayga SUV and Ferrari's 488 GTB. It won't shock you to hear that Faraday Future's car wins each of these showdowns (why make the video if it lost?), but that's good news for acceleration junkies. It means that FF's vehicle is quicker off the line than even the Model X, which can hit 60MPH in 2.9 seconds using Ludicrous Mode.

Of course, it's important to take the video with a grain of salt. Faraday Future is choosing opponents that are just fast enough to flatter its car's performance without beating it. A Model S P100D's 2.5-second 0-60MPH time might be enough to outrun the FF vehicle, for instance. And drag races against gas-powered cars don't usually tell the whole story, since the fossil fuel vehicles tend to catch up over long distances and frequently have higher top speeds. You probably won't complain if you end up buying whatever Faraday Future is selling -- just know that it won't always be the fastest thing on the road.

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