Uber is moving its self-driving cars from California to Arizona

The California DMV recently revoked the company's vehicle registrations.


Uber's self-driving vehicle tests on the streets of San Francisco ended earlier this week when the California DMV stepped in. The state revoked the registrations on Uber's self-driving cars after the company flew in the face of both city and state officials, claiming it would continue operating in San Francisco without a permit. After all the back and forth, Uber is now taking its self-driving vehicles elsewhere -- specifically to the streets of Arizona.

Although Uber hinted that such a move was likely, San Jose Mercury News reporter Marisa Kendall broke the news on Twitter today:

An Uber spokesperson also told Engadget, that the fleet of customized Volvo XC90 SUVs actually shipped out for Arizona on one of the company's Otto trucks Thursday morning, and that they will start rolling out there "in the next few weeks" with the support of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.

While Ducey has voiced that support on Twitter, VentureBeat notes that the state is making strides to create a formal policy on self-driving vehicles by gathering a committee of transportation, policy and public safety experts. Despite all that, the move may have still been a surprise to Arizona officials: the AZDOT is reportedly unaware that Uber would be bringing its self-driving fleet to the state this soon.

Update: As of Friday morning, the Ubers have arrived in Arizona, with an official welcome from Governor Ducey and AZDOT: