5 Online Services Which Makes Internet An Essential Part Of Life

Shekhar Mishra
S. Mishra|12.30.16

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Shekhar Mishra
December 30th, 2016
5 Online Services Which Makes Internet An Essential Part Of Life

Have you ever felt your life without the Internet? It is scary, isn't it? For those who lived in both era - With the Internet and Without the Internet, they actually know that watching online movies or checking out pictures are not the most amazing things happened because of Internet, they will tell you that these five online services are the reason why Internet became an essential part of our life. Go ahead, read them and comment your thoughts below.

1. Information Collection & Distribution

Think your life without Google. You can find information on everything, and we are not talking about news. From reading about Investment strategies to mythological stories, and physics formulas, the Internet has allowed us to become more curious than ever. Apart from collecting information, you can go ahead and distribute your own knowledge through blogs and other mediums. Next time, when you search something to increase your knowledge, thank those people who gave us the idea of Internet.

2. Social Media

From Yahoo Messenger to Tinder, there are a number of ways to connect with the person of your choice. Facebook has given us the option to remain connected with our friends. Twitter allowed us to connect with celebrities and apps like Tinder is helping us finding love. Being social has become much easier.

3. Online Healthcare

Calling a Doctor at home or more importantly getting suggestions from experts has made our life easier. Online Healthcare Delivery Startups like Doctor Spring has given us options to consult doctors online and get opinions from experts sitting at a distance location. Sites like Netmeds help us in buying medicines online, which itself is a life-saving service.

4. Online Tutorials

Next time when you go on youtube to find lecture of professors from Top universities like IIT and Stanford say thanks to those geniuses who invented the Internet. Online tutorials, courses has made sure that everyone gets an equal opportunity when it comes to education. Apps like Byju's provides free education for high and higher schools as well as competitive exams.

5. Free Classifieds

You don't have to go and ask every single person whether they want to buy your product, or want to rent or sell your property. Things became easier when Free Classifieds like OLX and Craiglist made their way on the Internet and became a massive hit among users.

Bottom Line

Make sure That Internet stays as an essential part of life, and we remain curious connected and satisfied all the time.

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