Pros and cons: Our quick verdict on Lenovo's Phab 2 Pro

The first available phone with Google's Tango technology is boring as an actual phone.

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Lenovo's Phab 2 Pro has a mouthful of a name and a somewhat bland design. But what might seem like a forgettable phone really isn't: This massive 6.4-inch handset is the first available phone with Google's "Tango" 3D mapping technology. But while Tango feels magical when it works, bugs and hiccups periodically dampen the experience. Indeed, as is the case with many first-generation technologies, you're better off waiting for refinements -- that is, unless you're the sort of early adopter who needs to be on the bleeding edge. (And if you are, the $499 asking price is reasonable considering how much flagship phones typically cost.)

The problem is, once you set aside Tango (which itself isn't perfect), you're left with one lackluster phone. Though well-constructed, the design isn't memorable, while the cameras and custom software are downright lousy. The possibly too-big screen will also be a deal-breaker for some. Basically, then, as cool as Tango is, you're better off waiting for the technology to improve, and for a wider variety of devices to support it.

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  • First widely available Tango phone
  • Reasonably priced for bleeding-edge tech
  • Excellent battery life if you don't use Tango
  • Reassuring build quality
  • Fingerprint sensor works well


  • Tango is still a work in progress
  • Huge size could be a deal-breaker
  • Cameras are pretty lousy
  • Lenovo's software is rough around the edges
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