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Drone-maker DJI starts testing GPS-based flight restrictions

No more flying where you don't belong.

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After some rather high-profile incidents of drones ending up where they don't belong, manufacturers rushed to find a solution. Otherwise they might have found themselves on the wrong side of some very tough legislation. DJI just launched its solution, Geospatial Environment Online or GEO. It's a geofencing system that keeps your drone from taking off in restricted areas... unless you have a verified DJI account and a credit card on file that is. See, while you can't just go out and fly through Washington DC willy nilly, you can promise to be financially accountable and DJI will turn off the restrictions temporarily.

Right now GEO is in beta, so you'll have to either request access to the app on iOS by emailing or you can download the Android APK directly. You'll also need to update the firmware on your drone. If you're not the type to mess with potentially unstable software, don't worry, the final version shouldn't be too far behind.

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