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Fossil opts for looks over tech with its latest smartwatch

The Q54 is "inspired by vintage aviation and powered by connectivity."
Matt Brian, @m4tt

Fossil may have waited a while to debut its new line of Q wearables, but now that they're here, the company is wasting no time adding more models to its line-up. With the Q54, Fossil has stuck to its roots, choosing to launch another analog watch packed with smart internals. Like the Q Grant, the Q54 alerts you to smartphone notifications via a built-in LED or soft vibrations. It'll also track your steps and calculate how many calories you've burned, which are then collated in Fossil's iOS or Android companion apps.

Speaking of apps, they've been updated too. Fossil has improved its activity reporting, widened the number of third-party apps it supports (including PayPal, Tinder and Venmo) and now lets you choose from one of three vibration alerts. If you like the look of Fossil's vintage smartwatch, the Q54 will launch in "early Spring" and set you back between $175 and $215 depending on which straps you go for.

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