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Apple is buying up Apple Car domains, and are all on the list.

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If reports are to be believed, we can expect Apple to enter the automotive market by 2019. Before then, it appears the company is doing what it can to stop opportunists from derailing its plans. MacRumors reports that it's begun buying up domain names related to the fabled Apple Car, snatching up including, and amongst others. A quick WHOIS search confirms they've been registered by staffers at 1 Infinite Loop over the last month.

The registration of the domains doesn't confirm the existence of the Apple Car. Apple already offers its CarPlay platform to vehicle makers, but these bulk registrations will also stop domain squatters and would-be pranksters from confusing consumers. That said, it's reportedly got a team of "hundreds" working on an electric vehicle, which could give Elon Musk and co. some very welcome competition.

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