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Use your Apple Pencil to draw all over Microsoft Office apps

Microsoft's latest Office update is directed at the iPad Pro.

Microsoft has rolled out support for the Apple Pencil in its iOS version of Office, allowing iPad Pro users to scribble to their heart's content across spreadsheets, documents and presentations. This month's Office updates include a new "Draw" tab in the top ribbon, instant inking capabilities, and a new function that automatically converts sketches to shapes and diagrams. Plus, Microsoft's preview program, Office Insider, is now available for Mac users.

We reviewed the iPad Pro back in November and concluded that the Apple Pencil wouldn't be necessary for all users (especially at a $99 price point), though it worked well. "Ink appears on the page as you pull the pencil across, and the feedback is not just instant, but precise: I can't remember ever attempting to make a marking and coming up empty," our review states.

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