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Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay comes to Android and more UK stores

The pre-order feature is now available in over 300 participating outlets.

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If there's anything Brits enjoy more than an orderly queue, it's skipping one. That's what the Mobile Order & Pay feature in Starbucks' mobile app is all about, allowing you to skip straight to the in-store collection point, much to the frustration of more patient patrons. The feature launched last autumn for iOS users, and was further limited in that it was only available in select London outlets. From today, however, Mobile Order & Pay is now baked into Starbucks' Android app and furthermore, customers can now order ahead in stores "nationwide" -- or at over 300 participating outlets across the UK, anyway. Perfect if you're late for work and still need an unseasonal mocha frappé to start the day, then.

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