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Valentine's Day sale drops prices on Nexus 6P, 5X

If the Android phones weren't a good deal before, they are now at $50 off.

If the earlier price drop for the Nexus 5X wasn't quite enough to make you pull the trigger, you might want to look again. Google has quietly slashed its official store's price on the 5X once again, to $299; we understand that European prices have dropped, too. It's not clear how permanent this cut will be, but it's making the reference Android phone that much more tempting compared to upper-mid-range competition from the likes of Motorola or OnePlus. Just be patient -- we've seen at least some reports that the Nexus 5X is out of stock, so you may have to wait a little while to plunk down some cash.

Update: The Google Store listing reveals this is part of a Valentines Day promotion, which also includes a $50 price cut on the (matte gold-only) Nexus 6P. Also, 6P buyers can get an additional $50 off towards the purchase of a Huawei Watch.

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