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Apple Music now lets Android users save music to an SD card

A feature Apple can't and probably won't ever add to the iOS app.
Matt Brian, @m4tt
02.04.16 in Mobile

Apple doesn't often make Android apps, but when it does, it's either to secure more iPhone users or give people access to Apple Music. Now that the streaming app has eclipsed one million downloads, the company has begun outfitting it with features that are native to Google's mobile OS. In its most recent update, Apple Music has gained the ability to download tracks to an SD card, allowing users to store more of their chosen beats offline.

It's a welcome addition for Apple Music users who may own a smartphone or tablet with limited built-in storage, but also those who may own a flagship device and want to travel with up to 128GB of music in their pocket. On top of that, the company now includes a full schedule of Beats 1 shows in the app and lets subscribers browse tracks by composers and compilations, making it easier to find and listen to new music.

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