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The new 'Doom' drops on May 13th

Pre-orders are live right now for the standard game and its $120 Collector's Edition.

The brand-new Doom hits Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on Friday, May 13th, Bethesda and id Software announced in a trailer today. About this trailer -- we've embedded it below, but make sure to watch it when you're in the mood for some serious gore. This is Doom, after all.

Doom is up for pre-order right now, in a $60 Standard Edition and a $120 Collector's Edition. The standard version includes the full game (solo campaign and multiplayer modes) and its new Snapmap level-editing system. The Collector's Edition comes with all of that, plus a 12-inch, LED-lit statue of a Revenant demon.

Get a taste of Doom's Martian-demon mayhem in the campaign trailer below.

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