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Smart cube lamp shows emoji and sets the mood

Suddenly, the smart light bulbs you bought look downright simple.

LED cube lamps have been around for a while, but they tend to either be make-it-yourself affairs or limited in what they can do. However, Spin-R might finally bring that lighting tech to your living room. It's crowdfunding Tittle (yes, we know), a 512-light lamp that you can program to do your bidding. You can customize its patterns and colors to set the mood for a movie or house party, but the real fun starts when it talks to the outside world. It can pulse in sync with your music -- conversation starter, anyone? -- and you can send 3D emoji to other Tittle owners to share what you're thinking.

You probably won't replace every table lamp in your home. You need to pledge at least $199 to get a Tittle during the crowdfunding drive, and it'll normally cost $349 when it's officially released. Backers won't get their lights until September, for that matter. Look at it this way, though: if you think smart bulbs like Philips' Hue just aren't clever enough, you now have an easy way to up the ante.

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