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1Password's family plan manages log-ins for up to five people

$5 a month gets you a shared password vault.

Music streaming services aren't the only apps where a family plan can come in handy. 1Password, the popular log-in vault software, is offering a new family tier of its own. For $5 a month, up to five people can get individual accounts and password vaults under one subscription. Don't worry, if you have more than five folks in your household, you can add them for an additional $1 per month. If you're familiar with 1Password, you know that there's an individual option that allows you to buy the app for $50 -- which is actually cheaper than this new monthly plan.

With the family subscription, though, you get access to features like syncing (rather than using Dropbox, etc.), document storage, sharing and password management. And yes, you'll be privy to all of 1Password's apps, too. For example, if your child forgets their 1Password log-in, you can go in and re-enable access. You can also opt to lock down any shared passwords so they can't be edited. For individuals, though, the company says it's not changing its pricing structure. If you want give 1Password's family plan a try, you can test drive it free of charge for a month before deciding to pay up.

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