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Simon has evolved into a touch-free memory game

And you can play it with friends.

Hasbro reinvented Simon in 2014, using touchscreen displays to replace buttons and turn it into the Simon Swipe. Now, the famous American toymaker is gearing up to release a new version of the game, one that you don't even need to touch to play. Simon Air still throws color sequences at you to remember, but it removes the need for pressing buttons. It senses your hand motions to determine the colors you choose in the sequences you choose them.

Due to the way it works, Hasbro slotted in some sequences where you have to sweep your hand across several colors. Also, you can team up with friends for especially difficult moves. Simon Air isn't available yet, but you can get one for your kid (or yourself) sometime this fall for $20. Besides the touch-free game, Hasbro is also releasing a new Monopoly and a new Bop It!, which (of course) comes with a task called "selfie it."

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