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Artists explain how 'The Witness' got its special look

A fascinating series of blog posts.

As you walk through The Witness, solving puzzles and taking in the island's natural beauty, you might wonder how it all came together. Did gameplay take precedent, followed by artistic flair? Or were the two developed and balanced simultaneously? To shed a little light, artist Luis Antonio has written a series of blog posts that go into fascinating detail about the game and its development. From specific areas to teaser trailers and posters, it offers a rare look into how Antonio, alongside Eric Anderson and Orsi Spanyol, helped Jonathon Blow develop the look of the game.

A word of warning: Antonio says some of the screenshots and explanations could be considered spoilers for people that haven't played The Witness yet. "I strongly advise you to the play the game before(hand), since these will inevitably spoil some of the experience." If you fall into that camp, we recommend reading this particular entry -- it's only about the game's promotional material and will give you a flavour of what Antonio has put together. Of course, then we suggest you go away, play the game and hurry back. Or just delve in further if you don't mind a few spoilers. Your call.

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