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Samsung will stream the GS7 launch in 360-degree video

If you use a Samsung Gear VR is to watch a Samsung event, you're probably already sold, though.

For MWC in Barcelona, Samsung will be doing an Inception-like trick of letting you see its brand new devices -- using last year's devices. The company is presenting Unpacked 2016 in 360 degree VR for the first time, where it will unveil the latest Galaxy S7 phones. To watch the event on a mobile phone or PC, you choose one of four different viewpoints, then rotate the field of view to see it from any angle. The most interesting option, however, is to see it using a Gear VR device and a supported Galaxy smartphone.

That should make the event a little more interesting to watch, especially since most of the surprises around the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have already been spoiled. We still don't know everything about the new smartphones, though, like whether they'll have expandable storage, as rumored. Samsung could also unveil other interesting products like a Gear 360 VR camera. If you're keen on its latest gadgets or just want to experience a live event in 360 VR, you can find out how with Samsung's guide.

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