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Amazon will stream a live Macklemore concert

Tune in February 27th at midnight Eastern to watch the 'Thrift Shop' star debut his new album.
John Salangsang/Invision/AP

Apple and Google aren't the only tech giants that can stream live concerts. Amazon is planning to stream a live Macklemore concert on February 27th at 12AM Eastern to help mark the launch of the superstar's latest album. The free-to-view gig should be worth tuning in, especially since it's supporting social justice outfits, although there's some missed potential here. While you'll get to watch through most desktop web browsers, the concert won't be available through any of Amazon's devices. Sorry, your Fire TV is going to gather dust while "Thrift Shop" and "Downtown" blast from your PC's speakers. There's no replay, either. Still, it's good to see Amazon dive into live concert streaming -- here's hoping there are more in the pipeline.

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