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Google Fiber is coming to San Francisco

Gigabit internet access is coming to the area's apartments and condos.
Thomas Hawk/Flickr

That sound you heard was the collective sigh of relief from legions of Bay Area tech workers. At long last, Google has announced that it's bringing Fiber to San Francisco -- the heart of the industry will finally get to see how Google's gigabit internet service works in practice, not just in tests. The company will use existing fiber optic deployments to wire up apartments and condos, and residents in affordable housing projects will get it for free.

There's no timetable yet, so it may take a long while (if ever) before Google Fiber comes to your expensive studio in the Mission. With that said, it's still a welcome move. Despite San Francisco's reputation as the center of the tech universe, locals haven't had many choices for gigabit-class internet access -- even AT&T's GigaPower has yet to reach the city in earnest. The expansion could force other providers to step up their game and improve the quality of access for everyone, not just those who live in Google's eventual coverage areas.

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