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New 'Shenmue 3' screenshots give you a glimpse of the game

Are you hyped yet?

If you need any more proof that Yu Suzuki really is making a new Shenmue game two decades after the last one, look above and below the fold. Yes, these are actual Shenmue 3 screenshots (and even a little video) that Suzuki's team showed off at the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences. They're still just a work-in-progress, true, but they're enough to give you an idea of what the sequel will look like. Suzuki started working on the classic franchise's third entry after his Kickstarter campaign last year breezed through its $2 million goal. It ended up raising over $6 million, enabling the team to go through with the game's development for both PS4 and PC. Shenmue 3 won't be out until December 2017 or later, but the team will likely release more tidbits of info (and more photos!) to tide us over until then.

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