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How Gaming Will Change For The Better In 2016

Amita choudhary

The gaming industry seems to be marching on in confident strides with a good note of amazing trends today. As per the market studies, the video gaming scene is supposed to enhance by 30% from 15 billion USD couple of years back to something like 19.6 billion USD in 2019. So, how do you think gaming would change for better this year? Well, the post below highlights on the most positive trends witnessed that show the way for a much better and more convenient gaming world today.

More funding for VR & AR startups

The market pundits have predicted the rise of more & more VR & AR startups this year. As per the reports, around 234 VR enterprises have gathered more that 3.8 billion USD in funding. A good example is that of Presence Capital which has already closed a whopping 10 million USD funding, backing great projects from biggies like Waygo, Baobab & Harmonix. Honchos such as HTC, Samsung, Intel, Microsoft, Google, Nvidia are actively looking forward to invest steadily in the growing market. The bottom-line is that 2016 has come up as a fillip for the development of more and more games and heavy funding from biggies only imply the ability to capitalize on state of the art gaming aspects.

More transparent game design

This is one of the most important trends to check out for in the gaming industry in 2016. Big gaming brands today such as Xbox now allows the fans & users to check out the process of game development & the fans are even welcome to offer their opinion. As the small studios are increasingly up for crowdfunding, they are getting more & more transparent today to assure a more convenient experience for the end-users.

In regards to more transparent development process, live-streaming from office is gaining ground & the practice has shown some real powerful results. There is the example of Vlambeer who stream the entire development process online & have acquired around 12,000 subscribers ready to pay per month to access the stream. The gaming fans have embraced this open communication with developers in real time and this very fact is contributing to make the gaming scene more popular among the audience.

Gamers turning creators

With a bid to make their games more popular among players, different Kickstarter campaigns have been launched to offer creative roles for players in new gaming projects. The players now have the opportunity to offer voice-overs or help with composing music. A good share of easy map editors have surfaced up as well with amazing creative tools that enable players to design their desired levels in the game & share those online.

Enriched visual effects

2016 is going to witness a huge bevy of advanced games with state of the art visual effects & animations for more enriched user experience.

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